About me

We live on a planet we can’t escape from. To me, Photography is acceptation of this (sometimes) sad reality by transforming it to something much more pleasant, beautiful when I can make a good photo. Let’s be honest, this is a kind of hunt, hunting an extraordinary but very short moment. It is no more, and no less, time spent not to accept the triviality, the banality of what we see, of what we are living, and a way not to accept sadness as well. Like it does not matter how many bad pictures you make, what matters is a few good ones from time to time. Every time you look at the view finder and grasp this short moment that will continue forever, there is certainly something marvellous you can get from it.

Photography has been analogical for years, like the one on the header above take in 1992. As we all know, it became digital, and now is being computational. It does not matter, technology is good, and I embrace it with great pleasure. This is more than ever the same thing: photography.

However, I am trying not to be complacent, nor to forget at what matters to me when it comes to photography. I try to not lose focus on giving a meaning to my (humble) work. I am not a professional photographer, I am just an amateur who likes to dream with his camera and enjoy the beauty one can see everywhere. That said, I like to say it is important to be transparent, so you can check my professional background if you wish. My real and full name is indeed Tristan Romain Renaud. I am living in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Feel free to contact me by twitter. @trisromain.

Disclaimer: the opinions of this blog are my own, I don’t work for any company quoted into this blog and I don’t have any shares of any of these companies too with one notable exception: I am the CEO and shareholder of Camera Futura Sàrl. I am not a professional photographer either. I am just passionate, and I like to share my opinions. Your comments, whatever they may be, are always welcomed if you are polite and respectful.