Photo sharing

“Photo sharing”: two words, quite a few meanings. And a lot of options if you want to share your photos. There are quite a few photo sharing websites. They don’t propose the same features. They don’t have the same objectives. Depending on what you are looking for, some will look much more aligned with your requirements than other. And you need to choose wisely as it takes time to upload your pictures and more important to build your community.

Top ten reviews is providing an excellent and regularly updated survey of several photo sharing websites. However, their approach is mainly if not exclusively “features oriented”: basic, photo, community, help/support. And this review is regularly updated, since at least 2013. So, this is certainly a good start. Please note Instagram and DevianArt are not listed in this top 10 and can’t be ignored when it comes to photo sharing. 

Don’t forget things can change quite fast: a newbie can become very hype; some services will shut down too. The main idea is just to give you a global view of these websites, the hot news and the trends from a personal, biased and non-exhaustive perspective.

Some facts and data can be read on DMR. Just enter the name of the photo sharing website.