Some useful Links (Gear related)

Here below some of my favorites links:

DP Review
A must read. Extremely exhaustive, and vibrant forums. However, they have a very analytic way to test and evaluate, which obliges the reader to invest a lot of time before really making his/her own mind. One can get directly to the conclusion, fair enough, but even tough, it is still challenging to understand the global picture unless being very much used to reading and testing cameras.

Ken Rockwell
The gentleman is famous. He does not think like all and always has an interesting opinion about cameras and lenses. I don’t always agree with him, but I like to read his posts. Too bad his website is so ugly and outmoded, but Ken has so much knowledge and skills, it has become finally a part of the experience.

DXO Mark
If DP review is for engineers, DXO is for scientists! But the site is great, very objective. So go there to make you mind about the performances of the last cameras or lens released by a vendor.

A great website for lenses test. DP Review is indeed far from being exhaustive for lenses, and this site can be, like Photozone and DXO a great complement to DP Review.

They may be the most demanding people I have been able to read when it comes to lens tests. They are not impressed so easily, so if you want to really know the limits of a lens, have a look at their great tests.

Digital Photography School
A must read if you want to improve your technical skills. Browse their archives and read their new posts!

Cambridge in Colour
A smart website, full of advice and tips. Many simulators help you understand all the arcane of the technology in a very clear way and very useful too, even for advanced photographers. A must read!

The Mansurovs
Advice, feedbacks and news from Pros photographers speaking about gear in real-life shooting.

Photography Blog
A straightforward website. Tests are detailed enough, you can make your mind quite quickly and the team is making relevant tests. It is complementary to sites like DP Review for several reasons, and I recommend reading their tests. However, over the last years, the volume of advertisements on each page has raised to a level that I cannot really support. I understand they need to make money, but it has gone too far.

Thom Hogan’s
About (Nikon) DSLR and Mirrorless. A kind of sibling to Ken Rockwell! Less emotions and more facts though which is both a good and a bad thing, but a must read.

Rumors’ sites: because you can’t wait for the official news. Very reliable sites.
And much more… just go to one of their site and you will find the others (FujiAddict, PentaxRumors, …)

Underwater Photography: must read if you want to shoot below the surface

DSLR Bodies: This site covers Canon and Nikon DSLRs and related products and is updated nearly daily. Interesting opinion from a Pro. Also recommended: its sister site SansMirror for mirrorless cameras.

Scantips: where you will find how to clarify some mysteries about the basics of flash and digital photography !